Je niet verzetten, niet oordelen en onthechting – de drie aspecten van ware vrijheid


Understanding Your Karma


The topic of Karma is related to your current Soul state of growth in this third dimension of Earth. The personal balance that we accumulate in one’s debit and credit bank has a lot to do with which area you are destined to grow the most, and the area where your Karma is focused.

The Karma in America is so different to that in other parts of the world. If you live in South Africa, most of your Karma would be related to actions of physical survival and the kind of race relationships that are developed between people.

The Karma of self in America is often a focus on a lack of career and relationships, where the biggest pain suffered is rejection. Therefore, if this is the crossroads that you’ve arrived at during your spiritual evolutionary journey in this dimension, then obviously you have overcome most of the physical and painful Karma that other people and nations are intimately involved in. This is the painful Karma of violent war, and Karma of obtaining basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

Until you have resolved and fulfilled your Karma, you will continue to reincarnate into sequential lifetimes on Earth. Neither God nor the Lords of Karma bestow suffering upon you during these lives. Only you decide what is needed to learn during your earthly sojourn. For each life experience you seek out other souls, often with shared histories, and always with karmic configurations matching your needs.

Whenever you act with wrongful intention you create Karma. This involves such actions which are considered to be connected with thoughts, emotions, words and deeds, together with the motive intent and desire behind each.

Disharmonious acts must be balanced in the future, either during this life or in a future lifetime beyond this one.You return lifetime after lifetime to test yourself to see if you have learned your lesson. Until you can go through an entire lifetime with total involvement and no disharmonious attachment what so ever, you will continue to reincarnate. In other words, when you can live a life of perfect harmony, liberation will follow, which is quite difficult, in being human.

During one’s life in this dimension a few mistakes can occur due to being vulnerable. Until you discover the importance of being spiritual without obsession, you will continue to make and experience the wrong choices. When we incarnate here on Earth, most humans (which is 99.9% of us) enter into life here with debts and credits from experiences, actions, thoughts, words and events from past lives (unless you are a Bodhisattva having virtually Karma free energy, who comes here to just teach, share and help others evolve). There are those out there who like to believe that they are pure, clean, clear and perfect beings. And yet things like car accidents happen to them. Or their pets get killed, they get rejected in relationships or they lose friends or family. 

People ask, “Why me?? Why am I going through this pain? I’m a good person, I don’t deserve this.

You have to remember that through the course of history of Earth there has been a lot of pain, a lot of hurt feelings, a lot of murdering, violence, war, death. Many of you out there may have been warriors if not all of you at one time or other. You could have been criminals, pirates, maybe rapists, arsonists; a lot of you were thieves.

Karma and relationships

We let materialistic desires, such as the bodies of other people, create a sexual attraction or obsession for love and relationships. This is a major area where we can get in trouble karmically speaking, where we can create this need to have this one special person when really everyone in the world, spiritually speaking, is a reflection of your own self. But we like to focus on this one person, and if we don’t have this person, we are apt to hurt our self, hurt them, or do something to create a negative karmic energy that one day we will have to pay back.

Any painful experience that may happen concerning money, love, romance, sex, friends, goals, family, and career is a karmic pay back.

When people ask if they have Karma with their girlfriend, or with their wife, it is really a Karma with oneself. Others act only as a catalyzer, to stimulate the karmic experience that comes back from the past, to form an event in which you should generate as a clear picture of what you must absolve. Unfortunately, many people hang on to bad relationships and refuse to identify them as a payback Karma to be processed and let go of; they just won’t let go. In reality, it’s like hanging onto a monster such as Frankenstein, as he drags you down the hall.

Certain individuals might be the reincarnation of a mass murderer, a dictator-someone like Hitler or Stalin. Everyone’s actions are tied to their own personal karmic banks, even though we are connected with family Karma, group Karma, national Karma, and world Karma. The starting point is learning to live at peace and harmony with yourself. One of the ways to identify your Karma is to recognize those areas where you can get hurt, and where you are vulnerable.

Relationships are one of the more significant areas of Karma. One day you have the horns on and find yourself on the hunt. You try charming someone into your bedroom and your motive, ways and means are not very sound, so a negative force is set up a where someday you might be set up or used, as the object of some affection. This is the reversal or aligned instigation on that event. An aligned instigation occurs not from a directly related event, but an accumulation of events that build up over many lifetimes, and which are not processed. Suppose you are aggressive about seduction, and actually attack someone, or even rape them, which could be from a previous life. Then one day you will be put into a situation where you will have to pay that Karma off. Maybe walking down a lonely alley, late one night, with a tight red dress on and you definitely magnify that karmic energy that comes back to you.

People think that Karma doesn’t seem quite fair, because in this lifetime a lot of us seem to start off good, we think we’re doing a good job, we’re feeling fine. Then out of nowhere, out of left field, we seem to get hit with a sledge hammer such as a severe auto accident, a severe health crisis, a heavy relationship, a family or marriage crisis. And every time you have to look at that situation as some kind of karmic experience that needs to be absolved, processed and let go of, that you need to bounce back from.

The main way to absolve Karma is to make a peace with yourself, and try to be the least selfish and obsessed as possible. Try to retain a spiritual priority in your life, recognizing the God-force in yourself and in others and respecting this. Meditation is the best way to absolve Karma, no matter what kind of Karma you may have. By taking up meditation and even chanting, you can form a relationship with your higher self, this allows you to process this karmic vibration without having to go through the pain or physical experience in itself.

Try not to be unethical or immoral in your quest for power, love, sex, money or whatever it is, because if you ever take advantage of other people, you accumulate negative karmic vibrations which must be later absolved for your Soul to evolve. The most evolved beings are those who have absolved their Karma. The most unevolved people are the ones stuck in pain ruts, agony, torture, and self destruction in their lives who don’t even understand Karma or refuse to admit its power and its truth.

The body is the temple of the Soul; it is a vehicle, rather like a car. The body is a Karma machine; it creates Karma or it absolves it. When it absolves Karma its because it dematerializes for a while, and emphasizes the spiritual. It will either go to bed and rest, or meditate and put into perspective, at a higher level, the karmic situations. In so doing, these situations are pieced together, absolved and let go. Let go of things that you’re being selfish with. It could be money, career, or love. 

People get themselves in trouble. They keep being negative, worrying. If you don’t start doing good things, and start taking care of the Spirit, then there’s no way to absolve Karma.

When people compound too much negative Karma-not absolving and processing enough Karma, they end up in institutions. These institutions may be a mental institution, a penal institution, or the hospital. This is the kind of effect that occurs when a karmic overload is so serious and so negative. Imagine the poor souls that are lost and are locked up in cells, behind closed doors and in hospitals with tubes in them, going through surgeries and pain everyday. 

There are unfortunately mistakes made in our system, as there is probably one out of a thousand individuals that will end up in the hospital, jail or mental institution. And they really don’t belong there, but for some reason they’re there. Sometimes they are there as a teacher. Sometimes they have a function or a role there, to help the people who are already in the institution.

Certain factors before birth create the choice of parents, body, sex, home, city and culture that you will live in. This may sometimes be by divine grace, or individual choice because of past life patterns and events. The experiences and choices available during life create certain probabilities for events to occur in order to attain optimal Soul growth.

Some days are wonderful and you feel great; no one can bother you, everything is fine. Other days, it’s hard getting out of bed in the morning; you don’t want to face several people, you don’t even want to call certain supposed friends.

Powerful karmic situations in our lives confronting ourselves with those things in our lives that we have created, that produce tremendous pain and suffering or discomfort. 

To Uncreate it you can or change it or Change your attitude about it. Or you can make new choices

Make a deal with yourself, or with others as peacefully as possible to process your relationships and your life. Stop blaming others, yourself. The mess is there so what’s done is done, when the opportunity comes make a different choice.

Learn from your experiences and try not to repeat your messes.

The way to have Soul growth-to absolve Karma is opening yourself to your Spirit guides and being aware of higher self. 

Therefore, if the situation that you are in is painful, and too uncomfortable, you need to process it or somehow get out of it. 

This topic is extracted from Farley Malorrus’s show on July 17th 1987, August 20th 1987 and September 20th 1988, containing variations on the subject of Karma. 

Search Inside Yourself – the key to happiness

• Attention training: At any time, whatever is happening to you — whether you’re under stress, you’re being shouted at, or anything else — you have the skill to bring the mind to a place that’s calm and clear. If you can do that, it lays the foundation for emotional intelligence.

• Self-knowledge: Once your mind is calm and clear, you can create a quality of self-knowledge or self-awareness that improves over time, and it evolves into self-mastery. You know about yourself enough that you can master your emotions.

• Creating mental habits: For example, there is the mental habit of kindness, of looking at every human being you encounter and thinking to yourself, ‘I want this person to be happy.’ Once that becomes a habit, you don’t have to think about it; it just comes naturally.

Attention Regulates Emotion

Extremes of every kind of attention are a problem. It’s important to find a balance between too narrow a focus, and attention that’s too widely dispersed. Attention too far in either direction can throw you off your game.

Many consider flow to be an ideal state. That’s when your concentration is utterly absorbed – and you’re most likely being challenged. You’re better able to tune out your mental chatter because you’re fully engrossed in a task. That can feel great since you’re not only being productive, but you’re also not distracted by negative self-talk or ruminations.

Of course, we’ve all experienced the opposite: an emotional hijack. That’s when we’re absorbed by a trigger, and we can’t stop thinking about something hurtful or upsetting – even at two in the morning. For so many of us, our emotions control our attention. Emotion is the brain’s way of saying: “Don’t think about that, think about this.” And when we’re hijacked, we lose control of our attention.

Fortunately, the more we strengthen our circuitry for concentration, the easier it becomes to let go of emotional hijacking and return toward a flow state. Resilience is defined as how much time it takes to recover from being upset. The quicker your recovery, the more resilient you’re going to be.

Strengthening attention helps you let go of stressful circumstances because the brain economizes our circuits. Being compelled to pay attention to your emotions is the opposite of being able to choose where you put your attention. If you’re counting your breath, you choose to focus on the breath and let go of all other distraction. The circuits that strengthen attention also allow you to let go of the hijack.

When you’re upset, you often have no idea how to extricate yourself from that mindset. You feel trapped because it’s difficult to use emotion to change emotion. But we can all develop ways to manage attention, and ultimately our emotions. One technique I recommend is mindfulness.

Mindfulness allows you to look at what’s going on in your mind from the balcony. You can see, or become aware of the “I’m trapped” feeling. If you can get to the point where you notice that you’re trapped, you’re less trapped already. You can remind yourself, “there I go again,” which helps you detach yourself from difficult thoughts, which lead to difficult emotions.

After some practice, you’ll build a muscle that’s strong enough to ward off emotional distractions.

Daniel Goleman

Het leven de baas_Bewust worden van wie we zijn

Bewust worden van wie we zijn

Het verwerven van inzicht in de eigen psychische processen. Wat onbewust is, komt aan het licht.

De hele menselijke groei is een proces van bewustwording van wat onbewust was.

Wanneer we het werk aan onszelf doen, zullen we snel tot de ontdekking komen dat we met het werk dat we buiten onszelf doen geen problemen meer hebben. De activiteiten dienen zich vanzelf aan wanneer we de moeite nemen onszelf te zijn en steeds meer te worden.

Als je als kind de liefde van je moeder niet krijg dan groeit je heel verstandelijk op en er gebeurt niet veel met je emoties.

Het is namelijk zo dat iemand de liefde krijgt pas als hij van zichzelf houdt. Ook dat iemand gerespecteerd wordt, die zichzelf respecteert … dat mensen met iemand rekening houden die met zichzelf rekening houdt.

Mensen kunnen alleen maar houden van de mens die jezelf bent en als je die mens die je bent verstopt, heb je mensen om je heen die niet van je houden.

Men kan alleen houden van iets dat echt is.

De liefde kan je niet verwerven. Je ouders (en alle andere mensen) houden van je of ze houden niet van je.

Er zijn kinderen die moederliefde-veiligheid, geborgenheid, zorgeloosheid- van hun moeder en nog‘moederliefde’-koesteren, warmte geven, beschermen- van hun  vader ervaren. Er zijn ook heel wat kinderen die nooit moeder/vaderliefde ervaren. Kind leert overleven en eigen weg naar bewustworden zoeken. Moederliefde of sexualiteit betekent; de aarde totaal en vanuit passie ervaren. Pas wanneer iemand dat doet is hij in staat om te leven en meer bewustzijn te komen; ‘een ander mens te worden’, te transformeren. Ofwel; de eerste stap naar leven, naar bewustzijn is genieten, is sensualiteit.

Echte ontspanning (sex) leidt niet tot een vlucht, maar tot een toename aan geestkracht, aan lichaamskracht, aan ‘het zien zitten’.

Echte ontspanning leidt tot: Dit ben ik en het doet er niet toe of ik angsten heb, samen komen wij erdoorheen, want we hebben elkaar. Om tot deze vorm van ontspanning te komen, heb je iemand nodig die je gelijke is.


De uitspraak ‘Je karakter is je lot’, kun je opvatten als een soort oordeel en veel mensen zeggen; ‘Ik ben nu eenmaal zo, je moet me maar nemen, zoals ik ben’. Als je zo denkt, vat je je karakter op als iets dat onveranderlijk in jezelf zit.

‘Je karakter is je lot’ wil zeggen; Wat ik binnen me heb, dat zoekt een weg naar buiten. Mijn innerlijk bepaalt welk leven ik heb. Innerlijk kan ik veranderen, dus ik kan ook mijn leven veranderen. Om mijn leven te veranderen, hoef ik alleen mijn karakter maar te veranderen, want ook dat veranderde karakter zoekt een weg naar buiten en maakt voor mij een nieuwe wereld.


Creativiteit wil zeggen; iets in de wereld neerzetten en laten ontstaan dat echt een uitdrukking is van jouw eigen innerlijk. Of je geliefde weten te bereiken.

Als iemand zich creatief voelt, voelt hij zich vol kracht. Je functioneert als actieve doorgever van energie. Hoe meer je zo een kanaal bent voor het doorgeven van energie, hoe sterker, gezonder, gelukkiger, krachtiger en ‘machtiger’ je wordt.

De verliefdheid gaat niet over in een duurzame liefdevolle relatie, waarin de energie stroomt van de een naar de ander en van de ander naar de een.

Anders de energiestroom stopt, de alchemie van de echte liefde komt niet op gang, men wordt niet krachtiger, gezonder, gelukkiger, ‘machtiger’, neemt niet meer deel aan de sexuele kracht. Dan verdwijnt de creativiteit en de angst slaat opnieuw toe.

Doorgeven van energie geeft meer.

Vasthouden van energie blokkeert.

If you are nurturing a dream, aspiring to realize a goal or just really needing to make a change in your life


If you are nurturing a dream, aspiring to realize a goal or just really needing to make a change in your life, no matter how daunting any of this may appear, now is the time to decide… is this really what you want? And if it is, go for it!

This is the time of energy of building and making, of new possibilities and passions which brings up issues of self-worth and values.  We might have to examine old value systems that no longer serve our lives.  Do you honor the talents you have? Do you know what values stand at the center of your life?  Take time to dig deep in the soils of old negative behavior patterns entrenched there.  Prepare the soil for new growth.

When we know our own worth, we can also access to the archetypal realm of Love, Beauty, Wisdom, Sexuality and Wholeness. Know what you value in this precious life you have, because why build something you don’t value?

What beliefs need to die so that a new vision o can arise and live through you?

It can be a time of healing, when you realize that your loneliness and isolation was an incubation, a time of preparation.  Be willing to ‘lose your familiar self for the promise of a greater, more encompassing reality’ where you can use your gifts to change the world. Transmutation occurs from the inside out.

Let the light of your inner Being shine into the world in conscious and conscientious ways.  ’Transmutation forces us to serve who we are becoming, beyond who we’ve been: ‘trans (beyond) mutate (change)’.

Become intimate with yourself, so that you can be intimate with others.

Look to the future: ‘personal power results from mastering the illusion of our fear through open-heartedness.’  When we open to our original blessings, we discover that the values of Love, Wisdom and Beauty can help us through the darkest times.  Stop your doing for a while and let your being shine through.

It is time to slow down and expand the senses to take into life right now. It’s like being in a garden in the Springtime, exploring, smelling, seeing, hearing and tasting the sweetness of the aliveness of life through the garden and the senses.

If you are looking to design, build and put into application a project or plan, earthy energy could assist you from start to finish. Allow your feet to touch the Earth and feel how healing it can be. For those who don’t like organizing or being patient, this energy can be a new beginning for you to appreciate and cultivate a new habit.

Deeply appreciate the beauty of the physical world, the wonders, joys and even the challenges.  See the beauty and harmony within all of life. It’s like fresh organic soil in the garden, ready to welcome new seeds and nourish plants already planted. Recognize and appreciate this within yourself. Check in to see how worthy you feel and do you value yourself enough?

The time is ripe for you to remove obstacles in your path which prevent abundance from flowing in.

Use the creative artistic energy to help materialize beauty and harmony in the physical world. Be conscious of balancing and equally nurturing the physical world as well as the Spiritual (non-physical) world.

Slow down to savor each experience for what it is, celebrate the harmony and beauty within all.

It’s up to us to ensure we’re living our lives in a way that will promote positive development and insight, rather than merely re-enhancing old patterns of habitual behavior we no longer need and which do little but hold us back and keep us stuck in the past….

Whatever we need to know, be or create is already inside us just bursting to come forth. All our paradoxes and apparent opposites, our darkest shadows and brightest potential, our inner feminine and masculine, our inner mother and father, child and elder. Bring it all together into an moment of creation and innovation.

We need to find every bit of fuel and fertiliser inside us, which basically means energy in all its forms (thoughts, emotions, instincts, intuition, physicality) and invest it now in this moment of intense creativity.

We need to remain as conscious as we can and not get sucked into old patterns of identification with suffering, with victim consciousness or with the drama of trauma and chaos.

As far as is possible we need to hold our centre, stand firm and allow whatever occurs to penetrate us to our deepest core and speak its wisdom to us. A word of warning: we may not want to hear this particular piece of wisdom right away, but the least we can do is write it down and come back to it later, because we can rest assured it is central to our lives and how we live them from this moment on.

When we’re all under-going so much change inside of ourselves it can be difficult to stay in congruent contact with our external world and all the people we share it with. It may feel like we’re shifting so rapidly that what we thought and believed yesterday is no longer of any importance, and likewise how we feel today will have faded far into the distance by tomorrow, so how do we connect with others in any meaningful way? The answer lies not in what we say but in our quality of being.

The more we can let go of the need to identify with a certain position, belief or world-view, the more we can detach from forging an identity which needs bolstering by those around us. Thus the freer we become to be truly present with another person and able to ‘shoot the breeze’ no matter what and who they are! And nothing can be more congruent than just being who we are – life in conscious form, connected to all other life – no matter what the situation or circumstance. Do this, try out being nothing and no one and therefore everything and everyone.

It’s all part of the the cosmic challenge we’re being set: how do we pursue our hopes and dreams whilst detaching from identity and ego?

But whatever answer begins to resonate within you as you read the question, remember this: the answer is only the beginning. The bottom line is, we must be prepared to be a new person in each moment.

There is an underlying feeling of chaos, confusion, and insecurity with the darker parts of our psyche shaking loose. It’s an on-going practice, and we find ourselves shifting between the old denser ways of behaving and thinking, and yet learning to let go, to trust Spirit and our hearts and accepting what is presenting itself in the moment.

It’s a time for letting go of the past, for forgiveness, for realigning our self worth, for drawing clear boundaries, and for learning to manifest through the quantum field that connects us to all that is.

We have to clarify what we truly value, love and what has worth for us and when that is clear in our hearts unequivocally, the universe lines up powerfully to provide it and to help us let go of what stands in the way.

By valuing and conserving your life energy, you can grow. By shift energies away from things that suck (your energy), to what nourishes and feeling of self-love and self-worth will guides you to make wise choices. You can turn energy away from dead ends and surviving day to day. Slowly the shift can be made, toward a life rhythm that is a closed loop, feeding itself, instead of a leaking one.

Look at giving and receiving. Are you giving yourself away? Share what’s beautiful in you.

Something new is being woven, and this brings very real new possibilities… What’s most powerful now is an engaged presence, regardless of what you’re doing.

The more you disengage from soul sucking people and activities, the more you free up to invest in your own life. Now is the time! Be bold and generous in your letting go!