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Desire Causes Suffering

There’s no concept as classically Buddhist as the idea that desire breeds suffering. It’s one of the Four Noble Truths. When you can quell unnecessary desires in yourself, you find a certain peace. Desires spread in a weird and viral way, one attachment leading to 3 more leading to 10 more.

Pretty soon, you’re obsessing over a million things and you can’t even really pin down why.

The more desires and attachments you can train yourself to release, the more relief and peace you will come to feel. Given the layers upon layers of attachments and distractions in today’s world, this potential peace is limitless.

You could theoretically just continue shedding attachments and delusions until you’re remarkably calm and remarkably unlike anyone in this this world, statistically speaking. There’s no reason to think in these extremes, though.

Instead, just focus on minimizing your strong desires. They cause pain in yourself and others, both directly and indirectly.



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