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• You choose your reality

You are free to CHOOSE another life-track.  Why not?  If you agree that the events are already there to be made manifest by you, the observer and traveller on the track, then what is to prevent you from choosing to react or act in a slightly different way in certain instances?  Of course, if you think you can’t, if you KNOW that you can’t then of course, you can’t.  If you are still with me, then think about the New Testament.  A well-known saying found there is that if you think you can move mountains, then you can.  Why do you think some people overcome obstacles and succeed whilst others fall in a heap?

Life-tracks are not real, the word just helps us to understand that we have the freedom to respond to each event we encounter along the way.

We need to know that hating evil just strengthens the forces that we judge are causing the evil. We draw to us the very things that we dislike. The force of this movement is proportional to the intensity of the dislike.

We can desire things.  But working up nervous indigestion and stress over worries that you won’t get what you want is harmful.

Balance; being in harmony with all there is and equilibrium as it applies to our everyday actions depend largely on just how we react to a given event.  To maintain balance, we must limit the degree of importance of any event.  Recall, that we draw to us what we dislike. When an event invokes an extremely negative or positive build-up of energy such as what happens when we judge that something we have encountered is wrong, exploitative, outrageous and we find our breathing rate increasing, our blood pressure increasing and agitation overcomes us, we can be sure that “balancing forces” will always be drawn to the occasion and We will suffer. For instance, when we dwell on what we don’t want, visualize what we fear will happen, we move ever closer to the lifetrack containing just what we have imagined might happen.


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