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If you are nurturing a dream, aspiring to realize a goal or just really needing to make a change in your life


If you are nurturing a dream, aspiring to realize a goal or just really needing to make a change in your life, no matter how daunting any of this may appear, now is the time to decide… is this really what you want? And if it is, go for it!

This is the time of energy of building and making, of new possibilities and passions which brings up issues of self-worth and values.  We might have to examine old value systems that no longer serve our lives.  Do you honor the talents you have? Do you know what values stand at the center of your life?  Take time to dig deep in the soils of old negative behavior patterns entrenched there.  Prepare the soil for new growth.

When we know our own worth, we can also access to the archetypal realm of Love, Beauty, Wisdom, Sexuality and Wholeness. Know what you value in this precious life you have, because why build something you don’t value?

What beliefs need to die so that a new vision o can arise and live through you?

It can be a time of healing, when you realize that your loneliness and isolation was an incubation, a time of preparation.  Be willing to ‘lose your familiar self for the promise of a greater, more encompassing reality’ where you can use your gifts to change the world. Transmutation occurs from the inside out.

Let the light of your inner Being shine into the world in conscious and conscientious ways.  ’Transmutation forces us to serve who we are becoming, beyond who we’ve been: ‘trans (beyond) mutate (change)’.

Become intimate with yourself, so that you can be intimate with others.

Look to the future: ‘personal power results from mastering the illusion of our fear through open-heartedness.’  When we open to our original blessings, we discover that the values of Love, Wisdom and Beauty can help us through the darkest times.  Stop your doing for a while and let your being shine through.

It is time to slow down and expand the senses to take into life right now. It’s like being in a garden in the Springtime, exploring, smelling, seeing, hearing and tasting the sweetness of the aliveness of life through the garden and the senses.

If you are looking to design, build and put into application a project or plan, earthy energy could assist you from start to finish. Allow your feet to touch the Earth and feel how healing it can be. For those who don’t like organizing or being patient, this energy can be a new beginning for you to appreciate and cultivate a new habit.

Deeply appreciate the beauty of the physical world, the wonders, joys and even the challenges.  See the beauty and harmony within all of life. It’s like fresh organic soil in the garden, ready to welcome new seeds and nourish plants already planted. Recognize and appreciate this within yourself. Check in to see how worthy you feel and do you value yourself enough?

The time is ripe for you to remove obstacles in your path which prevent abundance from flowing in.

Use the creative artistic energy to help materialize beauty and harmony in the physical world. Be conscious of balancing and equally nurturing the physical world as well as the Spiritual (non-physical) world.

Slow down to savor each experience for what it is, celebrate the harmony and beauty within all.

It’s up to us to ensure we’re living our lives in a way that will promote positive development and insight, rather than merely re-enhancing old patterns of habitual behavior we no longer need and which do little but hold us back and keep us stuck in the past….

Whatever we need to know, be or create is already inside us just bursting to come forth. All our paradoxes and apparent opposites, our darkest shadows and brightest potential, our inner feminine and masculine, our inner mother and father, child and elder. Bring it all together into an moment of creation and innovation.

We need to find every bit of fuel and fertiliser inside us, which basically means energy in all its forms (thoughts, emotions, instincts, intuition, physicality) and invest it now in this moment of intense creativity.

We need to remain as conscious as we can and not get sucked into old patterns of identification with suffering, with victim consciousness or with the drama of trauma and chaos.

As far as is possible we need to hold our centre, stand firm and allow whatever occurs to penetrate us to our deepest core and speak its wisdom to us. A word of warning: we may not want to hear this particular piece of wisdom right away, but the least we can do is write it down and come back to it later, because we can rest assured it is central to our lives and how we live them from this moment on.

When we’re all under-going so much change inside of ourselves it can be difficult to stay in congruent contact with our external world and all the people we share it with. It may feel like we’re shifting so rapidly that what we thought and believed yesterday is no longer of any importance, and likewise how we feel today will have faded far into the distance by tomorrow, so how do we connect with others in any meaningful way? The answer lies not in what we say but in our quality of being.

The more we can let go of the need to identify with a certain position, belief or world-view, the more we can detach from forging an identity which needs bolstering by those around us. Thus the freer we become to be truly present with another person and able to ‘shoot the breeze’ no matter what and who they are! And nothing can be more congruent than just being who we are – life in conscious form, connected to all other life – no matter what the situation or circumstance. Do this, try out being nothing and no one and therefore everything and everyone.

It’s all part of the the cosmic challenge we’re being set: how do we pursue our hopes and dreams whilst detaching from identity and ego?

But whatever answer begins to resonate within you as you read the question, remember this: the answer is only the beginning. The bottom line is, we must be prepared to be a new person in each moment.

There is an underlying feeling of chaos, confusion, and insecurity with the darker parts of our psyche shaking loose. It’s an on-going practice, and we find ourselves shifting between the old denser ways of behaving and thinking, and yet learning to let go, to trust Spirit and our hearts and accepting what is presenting itself in the moment.

It’s a time for letting go of the past, for forgiveness, for realigning our self worth, for drawing clear boundaries, and for learning to manifest through the quantum field that connects us to all that is.

We have to clarify what we truly value, love and what has worth for us and when that is clear in our hearts unequivocally, the universe lines up powerfully to provide it and to help us let go of what stands in the way.

By valuing and conserving your life energy, you can grow. By shift energies away from things that suck (your energy), to what nourishes and feeling of self-love and self-worth will guides you to make wise choices. You can turn energy away from dead ends and surviving day to day. Slowly the shift can be made, toward a life rhythm that is a closed loop, feeding itself, instead of a leaking one.

Look at giving and receiving. Are you giving yourself away? Share what’s beautiful in you.

Something new is being woven, and this brings very real new possibilities… What’s most powerful now is an engaged presence, regardless of what you’re doing.

The more you disengage from soul sucking people and activities, the more you free up to invest in your own life. Now is the time! Be bold and generous in your letting go!

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